LiveNow on Fox: John Cadden unveils Florida condo crisis challenges

Florida condo associations struggle post-surfside collapse

In a recent LiveNow segment on Fox, John Cadden discussed the significant challenges facing Florida condo associations in the aftermath of the 2021 Surfside collapse. He highlighted the substantial repair costs and stringent deadlines imposed by the Florida Senate, which have led to increased association dues. 

Additionally, Cadden addressed the complexities of navigating insurance claims and the heightened regulatory scrutiny. He noted that many condo associations are struggling to comply with new safety regulations while managing the expectations of concerned residents. This situation has created a challenging environment for board members and property managers, who must balance safety, financial stability, and resident well-being in an increasingly demanding regulatory landscape.

He also mentioned that less than 10% of owners historically attended board meetings, but recent events have increased participation. Cadden urged owners to get involved and attend meetings to stay informed and actively participate in decisions impacting their properties.

These insights shed light on the broader impact of the Surfside tragedy on Florida’s condominium landscape, revealing the financial and emotional strain on communities.

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